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District Court

259th District Judge

Honorable Brooks Hagler

259th District Court Judge

Santa Franco, Court Coordinator
Michelle Lopez, Court Reporter

Mailing Address:
PO Box 429
Anson, TX 79501

Phone: 325-823-2721
Fax: 325-823-4200

259th District Attorney

Honorable Joe Edd Boaz

259th District Court Attorney

Mike Middleton, Investigator
Laura Davis, Paralegal

Mailing Address:
PO Box 507
Anson, TX 79501

Phone: 325-823-2742
Fax: 325-823-2322

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Description of Office

~ From Texas Association of Counties ~

Effective enforcement of the law requires the sure-handed expertise of a knowledgeable prosecutor.

The main duties of the county and/or district attorney is to represent the state in criminal cases. The county and/or district attorney works with law enforcement officers in the investigation and preparation of cases to be heard before the criminal courts. When requested in writing, the county attorney provides legal counsel to county officers.

The overwhelming importance of the office of public prosecutors arises from the fact that upon the prosecuting attorney rests the power of determining whether prosecution in any given case shall be inaugurated or, if inaugurated, pushed to a successful conclusion.

Other duties include prosecution of juvenile offenders, representation of victims of violence in protective orders and representing the Texas Department of Protective & Regulatory services in removing children from abusive households.